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New System Proposal


This team has great pleasure in submitting an enterprise resource planning (capacity services) proposal to the Riordan Company in response to their innovation request for standardizing their business and organizational needs. This proposal includes a full description of the system and its components to include hardware, software, maintenance, and support. Identifies what the system can provide for Riordan, the business requirements that drive the need for the system, information used within the system, information security and ethical concerns pertaining to the system, and the system’s future potential that separates itself from other competitors. This new system proposal will provide Riordan with an increase in business productivity, improved internal and external networking functionalities, and a secured information infrastructure. Additionally, this system proposal addresses Riordan’s innovation request concerning their networking capabilities in the organization’s corporate headquarters. Once this system is fully integrated and operational, the Riordan Company will be far ahead of its competitors with the latest advancements that information technology has to offer.


System description and its components


Capacity Services (CAPSVC) is a fully automated and virtual service that gives the customer total access to their system from an office location or from the comfort of their own home. A basic system includes Blade Style Enclosures, software as a service (SAS), Network Accessible Storage (NAS) with several terabytes to suit company’s needs, Brocade Network Adapters (BNA), secure data connections and dual fiber redundancy. Vsphere, advanced software that allows system administrators to access the system from a central location and real-time system backups with Netbackup, software that performs live backups or offsite backups of the company’s information. Riordan will benefit from this software because “Symantec NetBackup is a global leader in providing security, storage, and systems management solutions to help consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.” (Symantec, 2013).


System Benefits


CAPSVC can provide Riordan with the following benefits: unlimited access to expand computing power and the ability to enhance the systems of the company without the need to complete a lifecycle of platforms. CAPSVC also allows the ability to monitor performance of all systems in the company’s network to include centralized management; scalability of computers that allows the use to adjust the computers or servers, the ability to increase Central Processing Units (CPU) or the storage capacity of the Random Access Memory (RAM) without having to actually turn the computers off. This can all be done virtually. We provide a real-time backup with Netbackup software; this feature allows the company to perform live backup’s or offsite backups depending on company unique requirements, and last, system security. The setup we provide gives the company dual redundancy for the entire network while providing a secure network for their system, this allows our company to assist in maintaining their information security.


Business requirements


As information technology continues to advance at a phenomenal rate, Riordan Company must find ways to stay ahead of its competitors. It is imperative that information technology (IT) engineers design and develop features that meet market demands and delivers value and savings to the organization; we are committed to providing innovative capabilities. The CAPSVC system provides this in several ways; scalability and cost effectiveness allows the company to stay ahead of competition, less equipment to buy, life cycles will not affect the whole company at one time and will happen less often providing revenue savings. For example, if the company just upgraded its computers on a lifecycle, the average cost is around $650 USD per computer, and if the company has a total of 90 desktop computers at the Pontiac, Michigan location, total upgrade costs would be estimated over $58,000.


SAS allows the company to purchase less license keys for applications. In addition SAS does not require every computer to have new software installed. Microsoft Office 2007 costs $125 per copy, or $550 for one business copy. Once business copy is inst