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150 Word Min Per Answer




1)    There are many ways an organization or individual can be attacked through the use of software.  Currently, what are the most popular ways these attacks are being implemented?  What defenses are being implemented?




2)    Using the Internet, research password-cracking tools. Based on your research which windows-based tool when you recommend?




3)    Provide an example of a Backdoor Attack.




4)    What is the best practice to employ to mitigate malware effects on a machine?




5)    The marketing department wants to start using IM instead of e-mail, claiming that it will increase productivity, but the CIO has doubts about the security of IM. Describe how you would secure an IM implementation in the organization.




6)    You realize that a new e-mail game has been making the rounds at your company, and you are concerned that it is a Trojan horse program. Describe a few of the steps that can be used to prevent malicious code from infecting systems.




7)    SSL and TLS use elements of both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Describe the relationship between these methods and their roles in securing the communication channel.




8)    What is the difference between viruses and worms?


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