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Requirement: To complete Task 5, Task 6 and Task 7 by following each document that links to the task. Each document will contain the requirements and guides to complete the task.


Task 5 (Java beans)

Document: Task 5 - Java beans(1).doc


Task 6 (EL and JSTL)

Document: Task 6 - EL and JSTL(1).doc


Task 7 (Tag Handlers)

Document: Task 7 - Tag Handlers(1).doc


Extra Notes

·         Make sure  Tomcat is Installed and set up

·         Assumes you have a version of Netbeans installed that includes the Apache Tomcat server (ie. The “Java EE” or “All” version of Netbeans ).

·         This guide/tasks was created using Netbeans IDE 7.1.2 but the setup should be similar in other recent versions.

·         Each task folder directory contains files to help and to be used relating to task

·         Netbeans is a free Java Development IDE. It can be downloaded from

·         Java Development Kit can be downloaded from:

·         Tomcat can be downloaded from:





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