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  • What are the issues to be negotiated? 

Job offer


  • What are the priorities among the issues in the bargaining mix?
  • Salary/ Title
  • Assignment
  • Signing bonus
  • Relocation
  • Stock options
  • Start date


  • What are the primary underlying interests?


Joe Tech (employee):


  • I want to be in the business development department (rather than in product management).
  • Salary/ title: since management levels and job titles are directly linked to the size of year-end bonuses and options, I would rather go for the highest possible management level, even if it means a few thousands dollars less in salary.
  • Assignment: I will tries to negotiate a change in RR’s offer from product management to business development on the base that the FourCom offer is in business development.
  • Signing bonus: I would like RR to match the $20,000 bonus offered by FourCom.
  • Relocation: Getting a better relocation sum/package that covers all moving costs, broker costs, potential storage, and a flat sum for other extraneous costs.
  • Stock options: I will view this as a last resort should RR be unwilling to concede on other issues.
  • Start date: This is not a major concern, although would like to be able to go travel around Europe for a few months af