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My Winter Wonderland Vacation

During this past winter break I went to Traverse City with my girlfriend and her family. This was my first time going to Traverse City and being so far north in Michigan, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. Traverse City was a new experience for me that had a small town feeling, which you don’t get living in bustling Rochester. We stayed in a cabin that we called the ‘farm’; it was made out of wood but updated with electricity and most appliances. The surrounding area of the ‘farm’ consisted of plenty of open fields and was much different from the busy city I’m use to. The whole valley was covered by a recent snowstorm, approximately three feet deep of fresh powder. Everything looked white, clean and free of any human contact. Being it was my first time in a new city and being able to spend it with my girlfriend I felt overjoyed and curious. Our relationship was new and it was a great trip to get to know one another more, and become closer with her family.

We stayed in a cabin that had a surrounding eighty acres of land with only four other houses miles apart. When we arrived at the cabin it was surrounded in pitch black due to no surrounding neighbors or streetlight