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My nursing Professional portfolio


American nursing association has defined nursing as “the protection ,promotion ,and optimization of health and abilities ,prevention of illness and injury ,alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response ,and advocacy in the care of individuals, families ,communities and populations” (Evans & Lang, 2004). However, I am going to give my personal philosophical understanding of nursing .There is much more to nursing than described by American nursing association .In my view nursing care entails management of the acquired professional knowledge ,caring ,honesty and maintenance of secrecy so that patients medical information is not disclosed to unintended parties. I chose nursing career since it is concerned with helping others to recover in terms of health .Besides nursing is a practical career that enables one to master diseases and implement mechanisms to prevent their occurrence in addition to curing them. Nursing is much dependent on the ability to transform the theoretical class room knowledge into a practical use. For example a nursing student might