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Exam Part Two Instructions

a)      Save the Exam data file to your pen drive as YIExam. Open the Agent Table.  Find and replace Steven Lookabil’s name with yours.

b)      Create a detail query that you will use to calculate the number of days each sold property has been on the market prior to sale. You will need the following fields : LastName, DateListed, DateSold, SalePrice, SellingAgent, ListingAgent and Subdivision. Save your Query as qrySales

c)       In Design view, build an Expression, DaysOnMarket, to calculate the number of days each property has been on the market prior to sale. Subtract the DateListed field from the DateSold field

d)      Calculate SellComm by multiplying SalePrice by 3.0%. Calculate ListComm by multiplying SalesPrice by 2.0%. Save the query.

e)      Create a new Query as qrySummary. Use The fields from the qrySales  Add a  totals row in design view.  Use the Totals row to group by LastName, average DaysOnMarket, sum SalePrice, sum ListCom, and sum SellCom.

f)       Format any applicable field as Currency. Format other summary fields to one decimal place

g)      Create a Report called rptSales using qryReport query as the fields

h)      Group by DateSold as primary group and LastName as secondary group. Choose Oriel Format

i)        Open in Layout view and adjust to fit on page

j)        Insert a logo of a house at top right corner of sheet

k)      Save report


l)        Submit Database to Dropbox

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