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Step 1: Select a Product or Service

Due: End of Week 2 (check course schedule for specific due date)

You will select a company and one of its specific products or services for which you will prepare a marketing plan. Submit your choice to your faculty member for approval no later than the end of Week 1.

Your choice of a product or service is important. Some tips to help you select an appropriate product or service are:

  • Select a consumer product or service that you or your family regularly uses. This will help give you insight into customer behaviors in the purchase decision, and just make it more interesting to work on because you like the product or service.
  • Do not select an industrial or business-to-business good or service.
  • Do not select a smartphone product as it would be too close to the example in the text.
  • Select a product or service that is large enough to have something written about it or its industry. This will help you find industry trends and competitive information via library research.
  • Select a publicly-held company’s product or service. Again, there is more information available that will bring depth to your analysis. You will need revenue data, market share data, or other measures to compare against competitive offerings.
  • Stay with nationally known brand names so that your faculty member has some knowledge of your choice and therefore can be more useful to you.
  • Select a product or service that has some competition.
  • Do not select a product or service idea, this must be a currently marketed product or service.
  • You may consider your own company if it meets the requirements above. If not, do not attempt it.
  • Keep it simple, do not try to tackle an entire conglomerate or company with multiple business units.

Some examples of products or services (or combination of product/service) that are good choices for your marketing plan term project are:

  • Drink or cola product, e.g. Coke Zero, Pepsi Light, Mountain Dew, Avian Water, Gatorade, etc.
  • A national restaurant chain such as Applebees or Panera.
  • Personal care products, e.g. Colgate Toothpaste, Clinique, Olay, Johnson & Johnson Baby Care, etc. Here you can pick the entire product line that is related. In other words, you will discuss all Colgate Toothpaste product line extensions such as whiteners, cavity fighters, complete.
  • High tech consumer products such as 3D televisions, notepads, cell phones (NOT SMARTPHONES), etc.
  • Services such as HR Block, a credit card, an investment firm, or an insurance company.
  • Specific automobile models such as Ford Fiesta, Toyota Prius, or BMW 3-series.

Prepare a one paragraph description
of your choice, link the product’s website, and submit it to your faculty member in the Marketing Plan Term Project Conference or to your faculty member during the class meeting noted in the course schedule. Your faculty member will approve your choice or make recommendations for you to consider.

Step 2: Research your product or service (check course schedule for specific due date)

Try to complete most of your research by end of Week 3. You will likely need to look for more sources as you begin to write. Your sources will be most useful in Part 1 where you are analyzing the current situation.Research will be incorporated throughout your presentation, does not need to be submitted separately.

Look for academic sources that employ a review or editing process. This means that while you will be using the company’s website, it should only provide background on the product and not the primary source for your analysis. Most of your information will come from databases like Hoovers, or popular business publications like Wall Street Journal, Business Week, industry trade journals and government data such as census data and trends.

You can use the UMUC virtual library found in your online classroom. If you need help finding information, be sure to contact a virtual librarian or ask your faculty member for help.

Step 3: Prepare Marketing Plan Term Project Part 1 (Worth 25% of final grade)

Due: End of Week 5 (check course schedule for specific due date)

  1. Current Marketing Situation

1. Market description

      1. Segmentation (describe target market using segmentation characteristics)
      2. Marketing targeting strategy
      3. Value proposition
      4. Factors influencing consumer behavior of the primary target market
      5. Buyer decision process of the primary target market

2. Product review

      1. Levels of product/service
      2. Type of product/service
      3. Product/service lifecycle
      4. Benefits/features analysis
      5. Differentiation
      6. Branding strategy

3. Competitive review

      1. Competitive analysis
      2. Market share
      3. Competitive positions and roles
      4. Strategic sweet spot
      5. Positioning

4. Distribution review

      1. Current supply chain members and roles
      2. Value delivery network analysis
      3. Current type of distribution strategy

B. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT)

    1. Microenvironments
    2. Macroenvironments

Step 4: Prepare Marketing Plan Term Project Part 2

Due: End of Week 8 (check course schedule for specific due date)

Incorporate all comments provided by your faculty member in Part 1; continue with your marketing plan by completing the following sections:

C. Objectives and Issues

1. Statement of marketing objective(s) for first year only

2. Issues that may hinder marketing objectives

D. Marketing Strategy Recommendations

1. Positioning strategy

2. Marketing Mix strategy

      1. Product and branding strategy
      2. Pricing strategy
      3. Distribution strategy
      4. Marketing Communications strategy (push/pull)

3. Marketing Research

E. Action Programs

1. IMC

2. Message design, content and structure

3. Media choices

4. Promotion mix tools

F. Budgets

1. Objective/Task method

G. Controls

1. Metrics needed to monitor marketing plan progress

Finished product: Put it all together by incorporating changes to Part 1 as suggested by your faculty member’s feedback, add your title slide, an index slide, an Executive Summary slide, endnotes and bibliography.

Submission Requirements for Parts 1 and 2 (check course schedule for specific due date)

Length. Minimally, you should have at least one slide per topic, plus your title page and source page(s). General length guidelines are:

Part 1: Approximately 25 slides

Part 2: All revised Part 1 slides plus approximately 18 additional slides including

title, executive summary, footnotes and bibliography.

All information should be contained on the slide itself. Do not use the ‘notes’ section of the slide.

Reference numbers. Include the reference numbers noted in the outline for both parts 1 and 2 on your slides (e.g. A.1.a; A.1.b; A.l.c and so forth).

Professionalism. Be sure to refer to the Power Point Presentation Tips found under Course Content to ensure you submit a professional product. This will be part of your grade for both parts 1 and 2.

Citations and Bibliography. Use an acceptable style guide for citations such as APA or MLA style. See library website for useful citation tools.


Submit for grading. Save as a .ppp and upload your Power Point Presentation file to your assignment folder by the due dates for both parts 1 and 2, or submit in class on the meeting date noted in your course schedule. 

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