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Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

The film portrays a comedic-musical story line that was produced by Norman Jewison in 1971 to present the Broadway musical genre that was famous at the time. The movie focuses on Tevye and his five daughters, by highlighting the cultural and religious differences among the members of the Anatevka community. Tevye, a peasant dairy-man, encounters moral challenges between his daughter’s marriage preferences and the Jewish match making tradition. Primarily, Tzeitel, his eldest daughter, was arranged by Yente the match maker, to marry Lazar Wolf, whom she denies for the sake of her suitor, Motel. Similarly, his second-born daughter, Hodel, flees her home in search of her suitor, Perchik, who was captured and restrained in Siberia. Meanwhile, Chava, her third-born daughter, falls in love with Fyedka, a Christian, whom Tevye denies adamantly.

Based on these aspects, the theme of hatred is expressly