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Mortgage Calculator Week4


how to initialize the following while incorporating it into this existing code that is provided.

The existing code is provided and here is what I need to include with the code:

Write the program in Java (with a graphical user interface) and have it calculate and display the mortgage payment amount from user input of the amount of the mortgage and the user's selection from a menu of available mortgage loans:

  • 7 years at 5.35%
  • 15 years at 5.5%
  • 30 years at 5.75%

Use an array for the mortgage data for the different loans. Read the interest rates to fill the array from a sequential file. Display the mortgage payment amount followed by the loan balance and interest paid for each payment over the term of the loan. Add graphics in the form of a chart. Allow the user to loop back and enter a new amount and make a new selection or quit. Please insert comments in the program to document the program.



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