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A. Write a brief essay (suggested length of 2–3 pages) in which you address the following:
1. Describe four appropriate strategies teachers can use to monitor student
understanding of lesson material for your selected grade level or content area.
2. Describe an effective monitoring system that you could use regularly in your
classroom for students who are more likely to have difficulties with classroom
assignments (e.g., special education students; ELL; or students who struggle with
organization, responsibility, or paying attention).

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Monitoring Elementary Students


Monitoring a student to assess their understanding of a lesson is a very important teaching tool.  The only way for teachers to identify which students can demonstrate learned knowledge of material is to continuously assess and monitor students as part of classroom instruction.  It is critical for teachers to know on a day to day basis where their students are in relation to the lesson content being taught.  Teachers also need information of the student understanding to provide a productive form of instruction.  

Teachers need to identify student achievement to determine if they are making progress toward the attainment of lesson objective goals.  Monitoring encourages learning and skill development and serves to motivate student learning.  It also provides the teacher with a gauge of individual student progress.   There is a wide variety of ways that a teacher can monitor the classroom to gain student understanding of lesson material. 

A simple way to monitory student understanding is to have your classroom use hand signals.  Hand signals are used to rate or indicate understanding of lesson content.   A student can show one to five fingers to signal their understanding; one finger for the minimum and five for the maximum.  Another hand signal that can be used is the thumb