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1. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing MNC’s in today’s economy and why? Allow for political, technological, and economic challenges.


2. Why is it useful to have an 8-step negotiation model? What are the consequences if a step is skipped?


3. How should an HR department evolve to match a company’s expansion overseas? Which leadership roles are most important in this scenario?



4. Characterize the future of US-based companies desiring to expand overseas within the next 5 years. What political, economic, and technological challenges might those companies face and why? How can they be overcome?

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In a extremely competitive world economy wherever the opposite factors of production- capital, technology, raw materials and data, ar associate degreed more} able to be duplicated “the calibre of the folks in an organisation are the sole supply of property competitive advantage obtainable to North American country firms (J.L La

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