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Mn Real Estate Service Corporation Talent Management

MN Real Estate Service Corporation Talent Management


MN Real Estate Service Corporation

“Success in business is all about patience and hard work and working hard will be easy if you have a vision, clear goals, and are passionate with what you do” (Isidro, 2012). MRESC needs to get a vision and clear goals in their company to really strive in the coming years. Having a successful business is hard and managing that business is even harder. Some people can argue it would be their product or service, but ultimately it’s a company’s employees that propel a business forward. Hiring and retaining people depends on a number of things and once a company reaches a certain point they will have to expand to accommodate new people.

Growth for any business or company or business is a good thing, however growth can cause a number of problems. “Physical expansion isn't always the best growth answer without careful research, planning and number-planning” (Spaeder, 2004). Minnesota House Real Estate Corporation (MRESC) has been steadily growing over the past 20 years and it’s now at a point when there need to be some significant changes made. Located in Minnesota they have been providing a service to just Minnesota but as new requests for their service come in they might have to expand to the neighboring states as well as moving to a more central location.

Making a physical move with a business can be tricky in any situation but there are things that the management team needs to do before considering moving. gives three great things to consider before physically moving a business. First they need to be realistic about what they can afford. With MRESC they have had some great years in the past and the future is looking good too. The move to a different location is financially feasible and it would be good for the company. The second thing they should do is their homework on this new location. Just because a new location looks shiny and nice it doesn’t mean that it will be the best fit for your business. And the last thing they should do is planning the move itself. Important things to consider, does it need to be remodeled, is the internet working, are there phone lines in place, etc.

With any physical move it will impact the employees and the customers. MRESC has received nine resignation letters based on confirmed rumors. The very first thing the management team should consider is talking to these people and the rest of the employees about what exactly is going to happen during this move. A confirmed rumor about a move doesn’t include all the details and some key information might be missing in their decision to resign. It’s like the game of telepho