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AENERGY COMPNAY CASE STUDY Task: Write a proposal to the CTO of AEnergy Company in which you do the following: A. Perform a SWOT analysis of the existing IT infrastructure by doing the following: 1. Evaluate the existing strengths of the current IT infrastructure. 2. Evaluate the existing weaknesses of the current IT infrastructure. 3. Analyze opportunities for updating technology within the current IT infrastructure. 4. Analyze threats that could result from continued use of the current IT infrastructure. B. Analyze the results obtained in the SWOT analysis by doing the following: 1. Identify ways to further enhance the strengths of the current IT infrastructure. 2. Prioritize the deficiencies in the current IT infrastructure based on their impact. 3. Discuss the deficiency with the greatest potential for impact on the IT infrastructure. C. Research potential solutions that could address the deficiency discussed in part B3. 1. Discuss your personal research strategies. 2. Explain what your ongoing strategy would be to keep you abreast of emerging technologies. D. Recommend one solution to the deficiency in AEnergy Company’s current IT infrastructure. 1. Justify your recommended solution based on your research.
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