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Questions MKTG 498


Each answer should be between 150 and 250 words.



1)     Of the following terms (information technology, increase in competition, brand parity, increased cost of advertising, increased perception) which is NOT a value of IMC plans, according to your text? Please explain why.


2)     What assessment tools might a business use to determine what your competition is doing? How do you collect data on the competition? Provide examples.


3)     What is the value and purpose of a marketing positing statement? How does the assessment affect the development of the marketing position? How often should the marketing position change or be reviewed? Does it depend on the type of business or customer? Provide examples.


4)     Why is product life cycle important? What are the changes in the advertising, sales, promotion, and competitors occurring through the different stages of the product life cycle? Provide examples.


5)     Why is important for a business to consider alternative marketing tactics when developing an integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign? What are some of the strengths of each type of communication? Provide examples. How do the types of communication vary by product category?


6)     What current and innovative advertising campaigns have you observed? What are the characteristics of the campaign? Why is it innovative?


7)     What effect has e-commerce had on traditional brick-and-mortar business? Provide at least two examples and explain why. How may a business determine what proportion of the budget should be allocated for e-commerce? How has e-commerce globalized the small business?


8)     Of the following (market logistics, physical distribution, supply chain, total cost management, sales), which perspective can help a company identify superior suppliers and distributors and help them improve productivity, which ultimately brings down the company’s cost. Please explain your answer.


9)     Why is it important to evaluate public relations? How does a business evaluate public relations? How is the data compiled? What types of services might a business use to gather this data?


10)  What trends do you see in the development of IMC campaigns? Provide an example. How might new technologies affect this process? Why?



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