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Select a second country as the international market for your product. Your home country (?) was selected in Week Two.

Develop channel and pricing strategies for your product launch, and include both your domestic (?) and international markets.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper completing the following:

Justify your choice of international market. The justification should employ specific data from research conducted 

What is the sustainability of the market?

What are the factors that influence your selected market? 
Size of market
Growth rate
Select an appropriate channel strategy for both your domestic (?) and international markets, and justify your selection.
Include pricing strategies for entering both the domestic (?) and international markets.
Evaluate the implications of changing environmental factors on organizational choices for your selected country and international market. 

You must address the following factors:

o Government, political, or governing bodies
Who are the major legal entities? 
How might they influence organizational choices?
What are the risk factors?
o Economic
What is the role of interest rates, exchange rates, and monetary or fiscal policies?
How might the organization use these factors to avoid to risk?
o Innovation and technology
What are the key innovations and technologies available to the organization?
How might changing technologies be used to theorganization’s advantage?
o Social and demographic
How might cultural diversity be used to add value to the organization?
What skills might organizations need to implement the strategy?
What are the costs involved in acquiring those skills?

The paper is over 2,000 words.

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Abali Foreign Trade Co. is a young company producing the high-quality olive oil in Istanbul, Turkey. Abali currently launches their olive oil in China and decides to launch the same product from China into Japan. The subject of this paper is to justify the choice of international market, select an appropriate channel strategy and pricing strat