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Use the product or service you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper (Farberware).  This paper is Part 2 of last week’s paper.


Farberware Link:


My portion of the LT Assignment is to address the following:


·        Analyze current competitors and define the competitive landscape for your product or service.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Farber ware is an oldest and most reliable cooking ware company. It traces its history back from 1900 when it was set up by S.W. Farberware. The company has still survived the ups and downs of business only due to its right business strategies. The success is all because the company followed steps in business landscape analyses.

The company has followed shocks and trends in macro-environment. The nature and demand and behavior of consumer. As there are several competitors in the market. The company has not only doing traditional marketing but also using search engines ensuring that their brands are chosen first. brands   like