MKT305 week 4 Quiz 3 (90 points) - Graded A+ (used as a guide only) - 92047

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Which type of cognitive appraisal considers how something turned out relative to one’s goals and can evoke emotions like joyfulness, satisfaction, sadness, or pride? PANAS and PAD are examples of _____ measures of consumer emotions. Which type of cognitive appraisal focuses on the future and can elicit emotions like hopefulness or anxiety? Product categories with personal relevance for consumers typically have _____ product involvement. Specific emotions that result from some evaluation or reflection of one’s own behavior, including pride, shame, guilt, and embarrassment, are called _____. Which group of human motivations is based on the fact that the body naturally reacts in a way so as to maintain a constant, normal bloodstream? _____ are inner reasons or driving forces behind human actions as consumers are driven to address real needs. Most consumers have vivid memories of meaningful events in their lives. These are called _____. Which of the following terms is used to represent the feelings a consumer has about a particular product or activity? Which type of variable is one that changes the nature of a relationship between two other variables? _____ are psychobiological reactions to appraisals. Emotion that becomes stored as part of the meaning for a category is referred to as _____. Extremely high emotional involvement in which a consumer is engrossed in an activity is referred to as _____. Which type of need reflects the need to be recognized as a person of worth? Consumer uneasy about buying things that others have previously touched is called _____. Descriptions of how individual consumers differ according to specific trait or patterns of behavior are called _____. Which self-concept represents the image that a consumer would like others to have about him or her? A distinguishable characteristic that describes one’s tendency to act in relatively consistent manner is called a(n) _____. Carl is very outgoing and talkative with others. Which trait best describes Carl? Which perspective believes consumers agree on the shared meaning of products and symbols? _____ is the totality of thoughts, emotions, intentions, and behaviors that a person exhibits consistently as he or she adapts to his or her environment. Which trait refers to the degree to which consumers enjoy engaging in effortful cognitive information processing? According to the psychoanalytic approach to personality, which personality element focuses on pleasure-seeking and immediate gratification? _____ combine data on consumer expenditures and socioeconomic variables with geographic information in order to identify commonalities in consumption patterns of households in various regions. Which consumer research utilized tools such as depth interviews and focus groups to improve understanding of inner motives and needs? Which of the following is a “variable-centered” approach that focuses on particular variables, or traits, that exist across a number of consumers? Which trait may be defined as an enduring tendency to strive to be better than others? _____ refers to human characteristics that can be associated with a brand. Which trait represents a tendency for consumers to make unintended purchases? Which self-concept refers to how a consumer currently perceives him- or herself?
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