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Which of the following represent stimuli that decrease the likelihood that a behavior will occur again? The first step in the perceptual process is called _____ and refers to process of bringing some stimulus within the proximity of a consumer so that it can be sensed by one of the five human senses. Two major approaches found in behavioral learning theory are _____. Which concept represents how much stronger one stimulus has to be relative to another so that someone can notice that the two are not the same? A consumer’s awareness and interpretation of reality is known as _____. Which term describes a consumer’s immediate response after exposure to a stimulus? The term marketers use to describe the idea that consumers are often bombarded with too much information in their daily lives is _____. Paying attention to only certain stimuli is which element of selective perception? Which of the following is a natural reflex that occurs as a response to a threat from the environment and represents a protective behavior? In which type of unintentional learning is behavior conditioned through reinforcement? Which of the following often take the form of some type of reward? Which theory of learning focuses on changes in behavior that occur through responses to stimuli without concern for the cognitive mechanics of the process? Which of the following response occurs when a stimulus has characteristics such that individuals readily recognize it as an example of a specific category? _____ refers to the personal relevance toward, or interest in, a particular product. In classical conditioning, the stimulus with which a behavioral response is already associated is called the _____. Which of the following is considered a repository for all information that a person has encountered? _____ show the association between nodes in an associative network. Which type of schema is the cognitive representation that gives a specific type of person meaning? The process that occurs when preexisting knowledge is used to assist in storing new information is called _____. The process of grouping stimuli by meaning so that multiple stimuli can become a single memory unit is called _____. _____ represent concepts in an associative network. _____ are beliefs of what will happen in some situation. _____ refers to the interpretation or understanding that a consumer develops about some attended stimulus in order to assign meaning. Which of the following refers to cognitive components that represent facts in an associative network? A network of mental pathways linking knowledge within memory is called a(n) _____. _____ represents the extent to which a message is internally consistent and fits surrounding information. Which theory tells us that communications provide information in ways beyond the explicit or obvious content of a message? Thoughts that contradict a message are called _____. Which storage mechanism represents the storage of visual information? The type of coding wherein stimuli are converted to meaning that can be expressed verbally is called _____.
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