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Some marketers offer each individual customer a different product, so each customer is essentially treated as a segment of one. Which way of doing business does this represent? Two factors should be considered when trying to understand how important serving customers well should be to any given organization. The first factor is the competitiveness of the marketing environment, and the second is the _____. Renee is going to a formal dance next month and goes shopping for a full-length gown. The gown is an example of a(n) _____ in the basic consumption process. Lane Bryant is a women’s clothing store specializing in stylish clothing and flattering fits for plus-sized women. Which business orientation best describes Lane Bryant’s approach? _____ represents the process by which goods, services or ideas are used and transformed into value. _____ can be thought of as negative results of consumption. What is the last step in the basic consumption process? Which of the following is based on the belief that firm performance is enhanced through repeat business? _____ research addresses questions about consumer behavior using numerical measurement and analysis tools. Which type of research includes tools such as case analyses, clinical interviews, focus group interviews, and other tools in which data are gathered in a relatively unstructured way? Procter & Gamble sells six different brands of laundry detergent, each with a unique offering for different market segments. Which business orientation does this illustrate? The first step in the basic consumption process is _____. _____ represents the study of consumption as a “lived experience” and relies on casual interviews with consumers from whom the researcher has won confidence and trust? Obtaining resources from consumers in return for the value they create is a basic tenet of _____, which is a theory explaining why companies succeed or fail. _____ involves the multitude of value-producing activities that facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers. _____ is a personal assessment of the net worth obtained from an activity. A planned way of doing something is known as a(n) _____. Which concept is at the heart of the Consumer Value Framework and the focus of marketing efforts? The market segment a company will serve with a specific marketing mix is referred to as the _____. _____ is the separation of a market into groups based on the different demand curves associated with each group. Characteristic traits of individuals, including personality and lifestyles, are known as _____. _____ reflects the connectedness between a consumer and a retailer, a brand, or service provider. The business practice wherein companies operate with the understanding that products provide value in multiple ways is called the _____. Which strategy deals with how the firm will be defined and sets general goals? _____ refers to the feelings that are experienced during consumption activities or associated with specific objects. Things unique to a time or place that can affect consumer decision making and the value received from consumption are known as _____. Which of the following is an external influence on consumer value? _____ are things that go on inside of the mind and heart of the consumer and influence value. _____ value is the immediate gratification that comes from experiencing some activity. Which of the following is an internal influence on consumer value?
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