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MKT230 week 6 day 4 nestle branding strategy

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Nestle is the premier name in food manufacture and distribution because of the company’s philosophy of subsidiaries that have branched it out all over the globe under different but reliable brands. Some being like Nescafe and Nesquick that cater to opposing age groups but remain a household name from the company’s approach to promoting itself through its many names in many different regions that have their own cultures and values turn to nestle for quality assurance when it comes to food and health.

Nestle has incorporated the secondary approach to corporate branding by discreetly endorsing its products under its seal despite them having different names. Its subsidiaries like Cadbury for example use a product range approach to branding to build trust in old names like Dairy milk and trust for new products like Perk. This also allows the subsidiary to exploit economies of advertising scale not having to reprint or rebrand with each new chocola