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. Learning Team Assignment: Channel and Pricing Strategies 


• Select a second country as the international market for your product. Your home 

country was selected in Week Two. 

• Develop channel and pricing strategies for your product launch, and include both 

your domestic and international markets. 

• Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper completing the following: 


o Justify your choice of international market. The justification should employ 

specific data from research conducted. 


• What is the sustainability of the market? 

• What are the factors that influence your selected market? 


o Trends 

o Size of market 

o Growth rate 

o Profitability 


o Select an appropriate channel strategy for both your domestic and international 

markets, and justify your selection. 

o Include pricing strategies for entering both the domestic and international 


o Evaluate the implications of changing environmental factors on organizational 

choices for your selected country and international market. You must address the 

following factors: 


• Government, political, or governing bodies 


o Who are the major legal entities? 

o How might they influence organizational choices? 

o What are the risk factors? 


• Economic 

o What is the role of interest rates, exchange rates, and monetary or fiscal 
o How might the organization use these factors to avoid to risk? 
• Innovation and technology 
o What are the key innovations and technologies available to the 
o How might changing technologies be used to the organization’s 
• Social and demographic 
o How might cultural diversity be used to add value to the organization? 
o What skills might organizations need to implement the strategy? 
o What are the costs involved in acquiring those skills? 
• Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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