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What should a company consider when attempting to develop a new product for a global market? Can you think of some new products that have failed? What do you believe were the causes of this failure? How would you have handled the product launch differently?

Why do services pose unique challenges for global marketers? How important are customer expectations regarding managing and maintaining service quality? How important a role does employee or staff satisfaction play in the management of service quality? Provide examples to support your answers.

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Companies must consider different factors when attempting to develop a new product for a global market. These factors are:  Being committed. Every employee should be a vital member of your international team, from the executive suite to customer service through engineering, purchasing, production and shipping. We must define our business plan for accessing global markets. An international business plan is important in order to define your company's present status and internal goals and commitment, but it's also necessary if you plan to measure your results with the new product. We must determine how much we can afford to invest in the international expansion efforts. We also need to plan ahead the introduction of the product and make a market research study for said product including culture, religion, values, trends, etc. Conducting a market research to identify your prime ta