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MKT 571 Week 2 DQ's

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DQ 1:

What I believe is that it is preferable for a company to hire an outside company to conduct research for it. To access the level of demand hiring a market research firm is an excellent way. It is important to select the right company when you have made the decision to outsource. You can get the edge over the competition by creating good relationship with a capable market research company. Moreover by hiring a professional company for conducting research enables to obtain results that are more reliable and efficient as these firms operate in such a manner. They have the personnel and work force as well as different research methods and tools essential for carrying out research. The companies operating on a small scale can face difficulties such as shortage of personnel, proper equipment, gathering the required information for the research and so on. So it is better to hire an outside company for research as these companies are present in the market for such purpose.