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MKT 571 Week 1 DQ\'s

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DQ # 1 - How is marketing management both an art and a science? What marketing challenges and opportunities do businesses face today?

             If we see marketing is an artistic science which appeals to creative and those people who have analytical orientation. Marketers are linked up with the organization, the customer, the end user and even its suppliers, and are concerned of building a strong relationship which is beneficial for all the parties. Certainly, marketing is rooted strongly in the consumer whether an organization or an individual consumer. Marketers identify the customers need, different marketing strategies and make sure that all the services which consumer wants are available keeping the prices in mind and adjusting it into different cultures.

 To create a good marketing strategy planning is needed to be done if not so then the business plan will not be successful. Some other opportunities and challenges have the difference in factors related to environment, society, culture, needs are few of them.








DQ # 2 - What are the key