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"Culture and Sales Communication" Please respond to the following: • Go to the “Market Research Library” section of the United States of America’s Department of Commerce’s Website, located at On this page there is a portal for free international market research on countries. Select one (1) country from the “Country” drop-down menu. Choose one (1) that you would like to do business in or travel to. Do not change any other field within marketing research portal. Click the “GO” button. This will bring you to a Country Commercial Guide for the selected country. Click on the link for the Country Commercial Guide. If no Guide exists for that country, choose a different country. Note: Some reports will require an email to download if you want the actual free report. ? Identify the country you have chosen, and provide a brief overview of the cultural issues you see in the Country Commercial Guide. Suggest the main strategies that you would use to assist you in promoting products through a sales team. Determine whether or not these strategies could be supported on a multiplatform level. Speculate on the major risk issues (e.g., bribery, theft, etc.) involved with using a sales team to promote the product and recommend one (1) strategy to handle each of the issues you identified. NOTE: THREE DIFFERENT VERSION ANSWER POSTED AS A BONUS CHOOSE ONE
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