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Discussion 1- Global Company. Please respond to the following: 1. Select a global company. Determine and explain its marketing strategy. 2. Determine and explain whether the global company you selected has marketing myopia. Explain why or why not. 3. Compare the marketing strategy of the selected global company with the strategy of another global company. 4. Contrast the marketing strategy of the selected global company with the strategy of another global company • Give your opinion on the manner in which this course’s learning outcomes contribute to the MBA curriculum. Provide a rationale for your response. Discussion 1-2 Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Regiocentric Marketing Orientations. Please respond to the following: 1. Choose a global company. Based on the products and services it sells, classify the company as having an ethnocentric, polycentric, or regiocentric marketing strategy. Justify the reason. * Note: Make sure the company you select is different from the ones chosen by your classmates. 2. Compare the marketing strategy (ethnocentric, polycentric, or regiocentric) of the company you chose with the strategy of another global company. 3. Contrast the marketing strategy ethnocentric, polycentric, or regiocentric) of the company you chose with the strategy of another global company. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED FOR EACH QUESTIONS AS A BONUS JUST CHOOSE ONE
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Walmart, world's largest retailer store that grew from Sam Walton, has already saturated U.S market with its different segment. O fit a global environmental and go viral, Walmart purchased (or merge) different well known giant retailer s store around the world. For example, it start in 1991 by joining Cifra in Mexico and Opened Sam's Club. It also purchased Woolco  stores in next door Canada in 1994...etc. Today, the company  has it stores all over the world such as china, Japon, India, Ssouth Africa and many more.

The company has a great strategy of globalization such as implementation by joining venture , acquisition and beginning of the new stores that are design to fit the cultural and competition of a  local environmental economy.The join venture can be a great adventure for Walmart to  to a point it can adopt to a social culture and overcome so barriers with it excellent customers service. The company is getting bigger and bigger every day. As today, to a point the company is , that means it has great customers service and a great team of management with better customers orientation, innovated and know  it targets need .That all company need to know in order to survive somehow.Walmart has always look for market with a growing middle class to save them money with it every day low price, so they can live better

If you compare Walmart to another retailer store such as Target, their is a huge big difference in many point such as sell, target , price orientation etc. For example Walmart weekly sell is bigger than Target yearly sell. However target has a potential to growth even though its little expensive than Walmart


The global company I chose is Zipcar. Their marketing strategy embraces several points

Social Marketing - The company ties in with the going green iniciative sweeping the globe. They also drive (no pun intended) to its consumers.

Augmented Marketing - Zipcar offers driving credit to their consumers. It is like cash to use towards a reservation.

Relationship Marketing - Zipcar strives to make sure that their relationship with their customers is number one. The offer member "WOWs" At random consumers get goody bags.

Service marketing - The company applies the tools of marketing to their banks.

Person Marketing - Street teams go out and talk to consumers!

Place Marketing - Zipcar creates activities for the public to improve perception!

Differential Marketing - They have a college division for drivers

Synchro Marketing - the company considers pricing for different times of the year, as well as taking into consideration utilization of vehicles

Demarketing - this is where utiliaztion comes in....they move cars around and bring a variety of cars.

The company is not a marketing Myopia. Although the company is a car sharing company, they insist that "carsharing is who we are not what we are", the company is not a marketing myopia because it considerst the needs of its customers before the needs of the company.

Comparing Zipcar with UBER their strategy is very different, but zipcar sees uber as competition. Clients can not use zipcar to drive passengers around for UBER.

Comparing UBER to Car 2 Go they use some of the same strategies which are similar in the way that they use augmented marketing and synchro marketing


1) Select a global company. Determine & explain it's marketing strategy. The global company I chose is Starbucks Coffee. The reason I chose this company is because every time I go on a vacation I see several of their stores in the area. This is a very popular drink among Americans, so I wanted to know if it was as popular globally as well?! The answer is definetly yes! They have over 21,000 stores in over 65 countries. ( Their marketing strategy is giving their customers a good cup of coffee in every neighborhood. They believe in making sure they are getting coffee grown in good places, and that ensures that their customers are getting good quality coffee.

2) Determine & explain whether the global company you selected has marketing myopia. Why or why not? According to marketing myopia, " is marketing that focuses on the needs of the company instead of defining the company and it's products in terms of the customers needs and wants. Failure to adjust to the rapid changes in their markets." I do not think that Starbucks has marketing myopia