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MKT 421 \Week 5 - Advertising plan

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Advertising plan

The main purpose of advertisements is to encourage and promote the product to the individuals in order to increase sales of the company. It will be very convenient and easy for the marketing team to advertise the new HPTV in the market as HP is already a well recognized brand and customers previously using HP products are prefer to buy its products therefore, people will be interested in the innovative products it is manufacturing for the ease of customers. Most importantly, marketing team will have to consider and prepare viable advertising budget to decide upon where to start off and which advertising tool or various tools to use. After deciding on the budget, different options available can be looked for. If HP decides not to spend heavily upon advertisement then cost effective methods may be used by advertising through newspapers, websites and bill boards etc.  Otherwise other options like online advertising and television advertisement may be considered. HPTV can be advertised by HP’S sales representatives at HP stores and huge retail stores where they can give demos to consumers who walk in to either buy other products or wish to explore about the new p