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Mkt 421 Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing research requires Kudler Fine Foods to gather, record, and analyze data pertaining to the marketing of their products. The company uses marketing research to educate consumers in the selections of gourmet specialty foods that Kudler offers. To ensure the company meets the needs of the target markets, the company conducts research to keep up with the latest trends, demands, and preferences of their customers and potential customers. Marketing research can be costly and time consuming, but it is critical to the success of any business large or small. The four elements of the marketing mix, product, place, price, and promotion is the best place for Kudler Fine Foods to begin their marketing research coupled with gathering competitive intelligence.

Kudler Fine Foods is a upscale specialty food store serving the San Diego, California, metropolitan area with three locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas (UOPX Library, 2013) The company specializes in the very best varieties of foods, domestic, and imported. To market successfully the company’s products the company uses the four elements of the marketing mix to its advantage. In the case of the marketing mix the 4Ps can be viewed as one unit with each unit structured to support the other unit. The product of Kudler Fine Foods is their specialty foods, which provides features, benefits and are designed to provide value to the customer to create sells and bring in the money. The company provides specialty foods that most cannot be found in the San Diego metropolitan area that gives the company’s products a unique selling point. The company positions their products at a high selling point to reflect the superior quality of the products offered. The products offered are produced in many countries throughout the world, which helps to create the uniqueness of the company’s stores and products. The company has three locations throughout the San Diego metropolitan area to offer convenience and easy accessibility to customers. The company places the stores along major bus routes for those who do not drive and parking is free for those who do. The company uses a number of promotions to let potential cu