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1) Big Fizz Co., a manufacturer of cola-flavored drinks, wants to add packaged fruit juices to its existing product line. Big Fizz must make some decisions regarding packaging and branding of the fruit juices. These decisions would fall under which variable of the marketing mix?

2) Hewlett-Packard sells personal computers through specialty computer stores, electronics superstores, and its own Internet site. The marketing mix variable that is being considered here is:

3) Marketing strategy planners should recognize that:

4) Target marketing, in contrast to mass marketing,

5) The process of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting them in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes is called:

6) ______________ is the process of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting these broad product-markets in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes.

7) Marketing research which seeks structured responses that can be summarizes is called

8) One of the major disadvantages of the focus group interview approach is that

9) When focus group interviews are used in marketing,

10) Focus groups:

11) A small manufacturing firm has just experienced a rapid drop in sales. The marketing manager thinks that he knows what the problem is and has been carefully analyzing secondary data to check his thinking. His next step should be to:

12) The marketing manager at Massimino & McCarthy, a chain of retail stores that sells men's clothing, is reviewing marketing research data to try to determine if changes in marketing strategy are needed. Which of the following sources of data would be a secondary data source?

13) Which of the following statements about consumer products is true?

14) The attitudes and behavior patterns of people are part of the

15) The observing method in marketing research:

16) The first step in market segmentation should be:

17) The product life cycle:

18) Which of the following is one of the product life cycle stages?

19) While watching a television program, Liza gets a phone call just as a commercial is starting. She presses the mute button on the television's remote control and takes the call, so she pays no attention to the commercial. In terms of the communication process, the telephone call is an example of:

20) Which of the following functions are performed by wholesalers in the channel of distribution?

21) Typically the _____ is responsible for building good distribution channels and implementing place policies.

22) SGCA is having a sales contest to encourage retailers to quickly reduce the inventory of SuperGamer computers. Retailers with the highest sales during the next month win an expense paid trip to a special dealer meeting at a resort in Hawaii. This is

23) Advertising allowances

24) Price reductions given to channel members to encourage them to advertise or otherwise promote a firm's products locally are:

25) A producer using very aggressive promotion to get final consumers to ask intermediaries for a new product has:

26) Nantucket Hammocks, Inc. uses dealer incentives, discounts, and sales contests in order to encourage retailers to give special attention to selling its products. Nantucket Hammocks is using

27) Quality Ceramic, Inc. (QCI) defined five submarkets within its broad product-market. To obtain some economies of scale, QCI decided NOT to offer each of the submarkets a different marketing mix. Instead, it selected two submarkets whose needs are fairly similar, and is counting on promotion and minor product differences to make its one basic marketing mix appeal to both submarkets. QCI is using the

28) When segmenting broad product-markets, cost considerations tend

29) _______________  focuses on introducing new products to existing markets.

 30) When a company grows globally, by introducing existing product lines to new markets, this is an example of:

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