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Complete Research Paper (8 points)

The complete research paper should be approximately 3000 words. Paper should conform to the

following template.

?Title page

?Executive summary: The marketing plan should open with a brief summary of the product,

its target market and your recommendations. The executive summary permits senior

management to grasp the plan’s major thrust. Your executive summary should be 1-2 pages.

?Table of Contents (TOC): A table of contents that outlines the rest of the plan. It

provides quick access to the topics in the plan, usually organized by section andsubsection headings:

1. Introduction: Described in Part 1

2. Situation Analysis: Described in Part 2.

3. Market-Product Focus: Described in Part 2.

4. Marketing Program: Everything that has gone before in the marketing plan sets the

stage for the marketing mix actions – the four Ps- covered in the marketing program. The

Marketing Strategy is described here in terms of both (1) the present method and (2) theproposed one to be used.

a. Product strategy:

i. Identify (a) its stage in the product life cycle and (b) key marketing mixactions that might be appropriate, as shown in Figure 11–1 (p271).

ii. Develop (a) branding and (b) packaging strategies, if appropriate foryour offering.

b. Pricing strategy:

i. List two pricing objectives and three pricing constraints

ii. Think about your customers and competitors and set three possibleprices.

iii. Assume a fixed cost and unit variable cost and (a) calculate the breakevenpoints and (b) plot a breakeven chart for the three prices specifiedin step ii.

c. Distribution strategy:

i. Identify which channel and intermediaries will provide the best coverageof the target market for your product or service.

ii. Specify which channel and intermediaries will best satisfy the importantbuying requirements of the target market.

iii. Determine which channel and intermediaries will be the most profitable.

iv. Select your channel(s) and intermediary(ies).

d. Promotion strategy:

i. You should (a) identify the target audience, (b) specify the promotionobjectives, (c) set the promotion budget, (d) select the right promotiontools, (e) design the promotion, and (f) schedule the promotion (referFigure 18-6)

ii. Also specify the pretesting and post-testing procedures needed in theimplementation and control phases.

iii. Finally, describe how each of your promotion tools are integrated toprovide a consistent message.

?References: You should have 5-12 references. Your selected reference article should not be

more than 1-2 years old. The student will also submit a clean copy of the reference article or

valid accessible URL, along with the research paper.


Note: The evaluation of this part will be primarily based on “Executive summary” and

“Marketing Program” because rest of the sections has already been evaluated in Part 1 and Part 2


Presentation of Research Paper


1. Research Paper Presentation Power Point Slides – 4 points,

2. Presentation Delivery – 4 points

?Introduction (1-2 slide)

?Situation Analysis (1-2 slide)

?Market-Product Focus (1-2 slide)


?Marketing Program (1-2 slide)

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