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Milestone 1:

Based on the proposal, the paper starts describing the business problem, the benefits and the first part of the proposed solution. You will most likely not know the entire solution or all of its parts until you have a chance to learn about them. Don’t be concerned if you cannot visualize the entire solution or all of its parts until you have a chance to learn about them. You know the goal, but not the detail of the pieces.

1.Briefly restate the business problem (the subject)

2.Company background

3.Discussion of business issues

4.Briefly restate the benefits of solving the problem

5.Describe the initial business/technical approach to solving the problem.

6.Describe at a high level the solution.


a.The business problem is high cost of IT and product development and…
The benefits are profitability, etc., faster development time, increased sales and…
The solution is cloud computing, this paper describes how the solution solves the problem and the cloud computing approach taken, e.g., SaaS or cloud virtualization.
This milestone does not talk about the specifics of how this is done.

Milestone 2:

Given the information from the first milestone, the second milestone proposes some specifics of the solution. It chooses some area and highlights it. We cannot say what this will be, because for each topic you choose for the first milestone, it will yield a different second milestone. The structure of this milestone is the same as the first one, except that it is written like chapter 2 in a book. You don’t restate the business problem, benefits, etc. You just pick the technologies or business practices or some of each that add detail to the first milestone.

1.Technology or business practices used to augment the solution in milestone 1.


a.Choose the technology or business practice solution

b.Describe the value of this approach (i.e. reduced staffing costs, reduced equipment costs, reduced real estate costs, improved application accessibility, competitive advantage)

c.Describe how this would be accomplished:

Milestone 3:

Do exactly what who did in milestone 2, except now you are writing chapter 3.

1.Technology or business practices in addition to those described in milestone 2.

2.Conclusions and overall recommendations

3.High level implementation plan


4.Project Summary

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