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Microbiology Kit (MBK) – Lab Report

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Observing Bacteria and Blood




  • List the following parts of the microscope and describe the function of each





The parts of the microscope are as follows:


A = Eyepiece

It’s what you look through to see the specimen. It’s usually 10x or


B= Eyepiece tube

Connects both the objective lens and the eyepiece


C= Nosepiece

Holds the objective lens in place or allows for the rotation of each lens.


D= Objective lens

Usually consist of 3-4 (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil immersion). These lenses magnify the image of the specimen.


E= Specimen stage

The moveable platform on which slides are mounted for viewing.


F= Diaphragm

Located just beneath the stage and changes, controls, adjusts, or varies (decreases or increases) the amount of light passing through the condenser lens and ultimately what reaches the specimen. It can drastically affect the focus of the image.