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Assignment Type: Discussion Board   Deliverable Length: 5-7 paragraphs

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Think about a recent business decision
you have made that was either a success or a failure. Your supervisor asked you
to email him/her a self-evaluation of this decision as part of your yearly
evaluation (please note: post your evaluation within the Unit 1 DB thread, not
an actual e-mail to your instructor). You are to be as objective and open
minded as possible. Analyze your decision using Bazerman & Moore's six
steps as a guide: define the problem, identify the criteria, weigh the
criteria, generate alternatives, rate each alternative on each criterion,
compute the optimal decision. Make sure your email addresses the following

  1. Were
    there any discrepancies between the calculated "optimal" decision and
    your actual (or favored) decision? (Make sure to show your calculations.) If
    so, what might account for the discrepancies?

  2. What
    problems did you encounter when completing the steps? (For example, what were
    the challenges of computing the optimal decision?)

  3. What
    were weaknesses in the "fully rational" model of
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