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Preparing a Comprehensive Staffing Plan

In this case assignment, imagine that you are working as Director of Human Resources in a privately held, mid-sized engineering and manufacturing organization that is a government contractor. Your organization has just signed a Federal contract requiring the hiring of 20 new Engineers who are bilingual (Spanish and English).  Your boss, the VP of HR, has asked you to:

Prepare a comprehensive plan in which you present your strategies to recruit, hire and provide onboarding activities for 20 new Engineers, all within 8 months. 

Your company is located in a southwestern city that has a larger than average percentage of people who are receiving various forms of public assistance.  The public school system (elementary and high school) is rated one of the lowest in the nation.  The city itself has a lower than average number of college graduates. 

Assignment Expectations:



  • Prepare a 4-5 page plan, not including cover and reference page, double spaced, 1" margins.
  • Support your choices for each part of your plan by drawing upon the required readings, plus any other relevant sources that you read.
  • Cite and reference any sources that you use in your work.
  • Use headings and subheadings to clearly show the structure of your plan.
  • Be sure to include a cover page and reference page, in addition to the 4-5 pages of analysis described above.
  • Submit your plan to CourseNet by the end of this module.
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