MGT/470 - Week 3 - MID TERM SUMMARY (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 19195

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MGT470 MGT 470 MGT/470 - Week 3 - Individual Assignment - MID TERM SUMMARY

The following questions illustrate the type of information you will need to include in your mid-term summary. Please use APA formatting. You do not have to include an Executive Summary. The only requirement for references is the e-texts.
!All information asked for in these questions must be included in your Summary.

1. Write a complete review of the concepts you have learned from your e-texts during the past three weeks. You must include the concepts we discussed in the DQs and assignments, as well as those we did not.

2. What would you recommend to your organization to adopt from the above weeks’ learning?
3. How could they implement this?

4. What difference might it make to your organization if you or your
management would adopt and apply these concepts?
5. What are YOU, specifically, able to apply from the first three weeks’ learning?

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