MGT/449 MGT449 MGT 449 week1 and week 2 individual assignments (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 18631

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Resource: Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

Write a 350- to 700-word paper about one of the total quality pioneers mentioned in Ch. 1 of your textbook. Address the following in the paper:

  • Define quality and its elements.
  • Describe how the quality pioneer’s use of the total quality elements made the pioneer successful.
  • Explain why the elements of quality are useful in today’s environment.
  • What do you foresee about the future of quality?

 Include at least one additional online resource or article from the University Library to support your paper.

 Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

 Write a 700- to 1,250-word paper in which you compare and contrast quality management at two organizations in the same industry.

 One organization must compete in the domestic market and one in the global market, such as Southwest Airlines and Lufthansa.

 Consider researching the airline industry, the auto industry, the electronics industry, or the pharmaceutical industry.

 Complete the following in your paper:

 Describe or diagram a process or procedure that is similar between the organizations. Explain the process or procedure from beginning to end.

 Explain why the process or procedure produces a competitive product or service in the domestic and global markets.

  • Explain how quality management affects the position of the companies in the domestic and global market.

 Include a minimum of two resources in addition to Quality Management for Organizational Excellence.

 Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

 Resource: University ofPhoenix Material: Quality Textiles International

Review the University of Phoenix Material: Quality Textiles International document, located on the student website.

Obtain the mean and standard deviation of the provided data.

Create a histogram for data frequencies using the Microsoft® Excel® program. The bin range can be left blank.

  • You may need to download the add-in program Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft® Excel®. This add-in is required for generating the histogram data. Information on adding and using the Analysis ToolPak can be found using the Help feature in Microsoft® Excel®.

 Use the histogram to determine how many points are out of control according to the upper control limit and lower control limit.

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