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Final Paper You are to write a persuasive final paper (7 to 9 pages not including cover and references) that links the following questions and underlying theories as they relate to your understanding and personal practice in groups. Students should use the text and outside research to review the material for this final paper. Focus of the Final Paper The paper should answer the following questions: 1. Why is it important to understand group dynamics in the business world? How does positive interdependence help to achieve mutual goals? Why is it said that research about groups is NOT always valid and relevant? 2. Are groups OR individuals more effective in work environments? 3. What is group cohesiveness? Is group cohesiveness important? How do group cohesive forces affect group processes? What can you do to increase cohesiveness in your group? 4. How does social influence/interaction affect decision-making? How can you encourage/promote and discourage member’s acceptance of proposals in the workplace? 5. Are leaders an important aspect of groups? Can leaders emerge from groups? How? What is the importance of group members’ perceptions about leadership and why is this phenomenon important as it pertains to group outcomes? 6. Why are teams more effective than work groups in certain situations? Identify these situations where teams are more effective than work group and provide examples.

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