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MGT 500 – FINAL - PART 2 - QUESTIONS 1 – 15 1. ________ conflict occurs when an individual perceives incompatible demands from others. Answer Attitude Role Personality Perception Ability 2. ____ is the process by which individuals screen and select the various objects and stimuli that vie for their attention. Answer Person-job fit Perceptual selectivity Organizational citizenry Projection Perceptual grouping 3. Which of the following is defined as the tendency to direct much of one's behavior toward the acquisition of power and the manipulation of others for personal gain? Answer Authoritarianism External locus of control Introversion characteristic Machiavellianism Organizational citizenship 4. The extent to which a person's ability and personality match the requirements of a job is called: Answer person-environment fit person-requirement fit person-job fit employee-organization fit employee-environment fit 5. The Michigan researchers used the term ____ for leaders who established high performance goals and displayed supportive behavior toward subordinates. Answer job-centered leaders employee-centered leaders initiating structure consideration impoverished management 6. Referent power depends on the leader's Answer formal title. position in the hierarchy. personal characteristics. salary. reward power. 7. ____ means being unpretentious and modest rather than arrogant and prideful. Answer Humility Egotism Altruism Reserved Assurance 8. The Leadership Grid used the two leader behaviors which were called Answer employee-centered and job centered. consideration and initiating structure. concern for people and concern for production. relationship-oriented and task-oriented. employee-oriented and relationship oriented. 9. Which of the following is the arousal, direction, and persistence of behavior? Answer Commitment Motivation Satisfaction Rewarding behavior Behavior modification 10. Which of these refers to the withdrawal of a positive reward, meaning that behavior is no longer reinforced and hence is less likely to occur in the future? Answer Avoidance learning Punishment Positive reinforcement Extinction 11. ____ describe the most basic human physical needs, including food, water and oxygen. Answer Self-actualization needs Physiological needs Esteem needs Belongingness needs Safety needs 12. The delegation of power and authority to subordinates is referred to as Answer need for power. need for achievement. empowerment. passing the buck. need of affiliation 13. ________ is an individual’s belief about his or her abilities to successfully accomplish a specific task or outcome. Answer Self-control Self-efficacy Self-reinforcement Autonomy Delegation 14. The learned behaviors associated with being male or female are referred to as: Answer Racial roles Ethnocentrism Plurality Stereotypes Gender roles 15. ____ is(are) typically ambiguous, concern novel events, and impose great potential for misunderstanding. Answer Nonroutine messages Channel richness Routine messages Feedback Nonverbal communications 16. The term ____ is defined as "an individual's level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication." Answer leadership trepidation public consternation anticipation nervousness communication medium communication apprehension 17. Which of the following is the most familiar and obvious flow of formal communication? Answer Downward communication Gossips Horizontal communication Upward communication Vertical communication 18. The ____ conflict resolution style is best when maintaining harmony is important. Answer competing style collaborating style accommodating style avoiding style comprising 19. Which of the following teams are described as a team that uses computer technology and groupware so that geographically distant members can collaborate on projects and reach common goals? Answer Functional Command Virtual Long distance Task force 20. Which of the following refers to a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific objective? Answer An organization A team A committee A council Leadership 21. ________ occurs when members of a team feel comfortable disagreeing and challenging one another in the interest of finding the best solution. Answer Attention to results Team trust Team responsibility Team cohesiveness Healthy conflict 22. Which of the following allows employees to see for themselves the financial condition of the company? Answer Open-book management An economic value-added system Activity-based costing An inappropriate control system Market value-added system 23. Net income divided by sales is the correct formula for calculating Answer return on total assets. a current ratio. a liquidity ratio. profit margin on sales. a corporate evaluation. 24. Which of these is based on a set of international standards for quality? Answer Quality circle Corporate governance ISO certification Open-book management Balance scorecard 25. ____ is(are) the difference between assets and liabilities and is the company's net worth in stock and retained earnings. Answer Assets Current debt Net profit Owners' equity Liabilities PLEASE NOTE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS MIGHT BE DIFFERENT FROM YOURS, IF SO JUST SEND THE DIFFERENT TO ME I WILL ANSWER IT FOR FREE
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