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MGT 449 Week 2 Individual Assignment Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Paper

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Domestic - US Airways vs. Global –British Airways

Service quality is necessary in the airline industry as it is a major determinant of competitiveness. Airlines paying strict attention to service quality will be differentiated from others and will in the course of doing this gain competitive advantage. Although it’s been argued that price is a major determinant of airline choice by customers and most airline would rather compete on it than on service quality. However, not managing quality will mean no added and assuring value to the airlines. (Peters, 1999)

Process and Procedures (US Airways vs. British Airways)

Both airline companies take on a quality control program for building a successful service process along with corresponding quality and scheduling measures. “The two airlines also follow the acceptance of quality control programs, and both airlines examined a detailed evaluation program. The program assists in evaluating the characteristics’ of their product and service necessities. This will also allow for the evaluation of all data used to create policy and procedure. Furthermore,” management establishes the essential processes whereby