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Mgt 431 Week 2 Staffing paper

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The career management of one is in her/own hands. That the person has to work hard, stay focused and updated to the related job just to be successful and to reach the top. One always have to be available and attentive at the job in addition should take part as a volunteer in programs as it make one visible in the eyes of the upper management which is good for your growth in an organization. The organization with which i am familiar is an organization running a customer support services to give the customer solutions for the problems after the post purchasing of a product or service of the same organization. Now if I had to develop a staffing plan for the organization running customer support services I will first of all see what team we would need to run the operations in authentic way as given “Recruitment and staffing provide the overall framework for the process of planning, recruiting, selecting and hiring employees. The goal of recruitment and staffing is to identify the smartest, most versatile employees you can find (human resources @ 2012)” and for that we will require the following:

·                     HR manager

·                     Operations manager

·                     IT manager

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