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Mgt 431 Week 1 Individual Assignment

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In the 21st century it is very hard to run an organization and compete in the market with the setup which has now transformed. HR department has to be very careful in selecting employees and with the new changing environment. Electronic media, internet and new hardware technology has indulged the earth. First where HR department has to publish an ad in the news paper for the job vacancies, which was a slow process as now just submit their ad to some entertainment channel which will run on TV and is more time efficient. Besides this the billboards and new ways to post an ad is now very easy and a fast process.

Different strategies are made within organizations to recruit people for example, internal and external selection. Internal selection is much better because the person is already working in the organization and is well familiar with the culture and rules of the organization. So the HR has to tend with new strategies and technologies just to stay updated and compete in the market by providing the best employees. “Organizational capabilities should be recognized and built by the company by deploying better people in human resource to gain and maintain competitive advantage”. (Schuler & MacMillan, 1984).