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Looking for help and guidence on a 1500 words paper

You have been named the manager of a task force charged with conducting a critical but challenging change within your workplace. This change is likely to be met with some opposition, which may sometimes be bitter. You will manage the task force and accomplish this change in just three months. So, you have a very short timeline in which to motivate your organization’s workforce to cooperate with your team and the change it is implementing. 

Use a current or past workplace as your hypothetical organization. Choose from one of the following changes to accomplish in the three-month timeframe:

  • Move your office location to a smaller workspace.
  • Reconfigure your workspace (cubicles) to a design with reduced privacy.
  • Merge two sales force offices into one location, which requires a 10% reduction of your team.
  • Due to reduced sales, reduce your organization’s work week (and employee pay) by one full work day.
  • A proposed change of your choosing. You must obtain your professor’s approval before completing your plan.
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