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Why is it important to use objective tools when evaluating the alternative solutions to a problem?


            Problems are comprised of various situations and objectives that require a decision maker to use specific techniques to develop probable solutions. Alternative solutions can be developed by applying strategies that promote critical thinking skills. Using objective tools allows the decision maker to better comprehend the relationship between the original condition and the solution. Illustrating the relationship of all various actions during the decision making process helps eliminate needless processes and solutions.  

Analytical and creative thinking skills can be applied during the evaluation process. Using objective tools is an effective method for imagining individual steps and possible outcomes of the decision-making process. Objective tools are also use methods of encouraging lateral thinking. Lateral thinking encourages decision maker to visualize the results of processes in different contexts to previously experience.

Another advantage of objective tools is the elimination of emotion, favoritism and opinion. Objective tools provide a framework for analyzing various factors that can influence the decision making process and solution development.