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Yes it is possible to understand the cause of a problem, but not be able to solve the problem.

Possible reasons problems are identified but go unsolved

1)    Spending to much time solving causes or symptoms of a problem can leave the problem unsolved.

2)    Lack of knowledge or information prevents the problem from being solved.

3)    Lack of time and resources can be another reason problems are not solved.

4)    Overconfidence in one’s ability to solve the problem can impair their ability to develop a solution.

5)    Problem solver does not understand the process need to develop solutions.

6)    Problem solver has a specific mental set or frame of mind that impedes the development of solutions.

7)    External or influential factors prevent the problem from being solved.

8)    Goals and strategies for solving the problem were inadequately established.  

9)    Solutions are not feasible. The solutions that are developed do not fix the problem on mends the symptoms.

10) Critical thinking and decision-making skills are underdeveloped