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In the Pitney Bowes Case Study, diversity is an ethical imperative and a business imperative. How does diversity create a competitive advantage for this corporation?


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Diversity creates a competitive advantage for this corporation according to Carol P. Harvey and M. June Allard. (2009), “Considering employees as human capital means that an organization realizes the economic value of its employees and their role in achieving profits, innovation, productivity, and long-term growth. Because being inclusive offers an organization a wider selection of talented people, it is a key element in the implementation of a business strategy based on the human capital approach. However, having diverse employees— i.e., the “numbers”—is not enough. Diverse employees can only become a competitive advantage if an organization capitalizes on the variety of perspectives and viewpoints of its employees in a supportive and cooperative organizational culture (Kochan, et al., 2003).


At Pitney Bowes, the key human resource functions of selection/recruiting, evaluating performance, training, benefits, etc., reflect the systemic nature of diversity as an organizational value. In order to have access to the best and the brightest diverse employee pool, the corporation uses a multilevel approach that includes advertising in publications targeted to the diverse community, forming external partnerships and alliances with organizations that represent a diverse talent pool, and sponsoring diversity-related events and causes. Some of these partnerships include Inroads (for interns), the National Urban League, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, National Black MBA Association, the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, the Connecticut Asian Pacific American Bar Association, Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, etc. Recently, Pitney Bowes’ Literacy and Education Fund donated $5