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What was the outcome of your DISC Platinum Rule™ profile? What does the Big Five model consist of? What are the similarities or differences between the Big Five model and the DISC® profile? What did you learn about yourself in the model and the DISC® profile?


How does the outcome of your DISC Platinum Rule™ profile compare to your workplace behavior? How do your personality and your values connect to your job satisfaction or dissatisfaction?

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The DISC results say: That I am predominantly a Dominance Style. Which is defined as being driven by two governing needs: the need to control and the need to achieve. The D Styles are goal-oriented go-getters who are most comfortable when they are in charge of people and situations. They want to accomplish many things now, so they focus on no-nonsense approaches to bottom-line results. 
Each main Style down into four Substyles.  Mine is the Ds, which is called The Producer.  The Producer is LESS guarded and LESS direct than most other Dominance styles. The primary goal that motivates me is accomplishing bigger and better goals according to an internal timetable.
According to the DISC I prefer to be involved in my chosen activities from start to finish, and I resist people who are obstacles to my achievements. My ability to produce makes me highly valued in situations in which