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Assignment 3: Case Analysis/Scenario

Read the following scenario. Mrs. Smither has been an excellent employee for 20 years and has received the highest evaluation and merit pay. She is a telemarketer and has one of the highest per person revenue averages.

However her personal life has become difficult. Her husband has been diagnosed in the last stages of prostate cancer and one of her two teenage sons was arrested for possession of marijuana and received one-year probation and a $500 fine. For about six months there have been rumors that Mrs. Smither has been drinking in the mornings before coming to work. But her work continued to be good until about two months ago. Now she is frequently belligerent with customers and hangs up on them. Yesterday her supervisor caught her drinking alcohol at work. With the new don't call laws for telemarketing, the company cannot afford to lose any customers and there has already been one round of downsizing.

As the manager how should or would you handle the situation with Mrs. Smither? What are the ethical and legal issues involved, including ADA rules? Outline a plan of action with at least seven recommendations that will address the serious workplace situation and serve as a model for other workplace behavioral issues. As a note, your organization has an employee assistance program.

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