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Assignment 2: Case Analysis/Scenario

Analyze and prepare a critique of the following situation:

Accessory Plus, Inc. sells peripherals for all types of electronic devices. During the summer holidays many college students are employed as temporary workers because of the increase in customer traffic and the need to cover for the vacation time of regular employees. One of the workers, Pat appears to be coming to work stoned, although there have been no incidents with customers or other workers. Usually Pat, is a good worker. Management has decided it wants a drug-free workplace, but there are no written policies. The management thinks the first step for Pat to remain employed with the company is to insist that he takes a drug test. However there is no intention to install a policy of drug testing for employment or even random testing of employees. Management feels this policy would just add unnecessary cost.

Summarize the legal position of Accessory Plus, Inc. Determine if drug addiction is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Determine if the management of Accessory Plus, Inc. can arbitrarily single Pat out to take a drug test based upon the Drug-free Workplace Act. List five recommendations that the company can use to develop a drug-free workplace policy. Explain why you made these 

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