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Assignment 3: Legal Critical Thinking Exercise

Genetic testing has been conducted by some employers—and some without permission from the employee/applicant. This became a legal issue in May 2004 when a major verdict was rendered involving Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation and the U.S. government, becoming the first case based upon DNA discrimination in the workplace. Select and analyze an article on this case. What is the purpose of a firm testing DNA? Give your opinion of whether this is ethical or legal? Do you agree or disagree with it? Can it sometimes be justified? There is also a privacy issue here given that the employee/applicant does not know the extent of the testing being done. Is genetic testing acceptable if permission is granted by the applicant? What are the long-term workplace and societal consequences if DNA employment testing becomes commonplace? Why? Read the Human Genetics Commission Report,Inside Information on the List of Conclusions and Recommendations. Write a summary of the recommendations using the given template. Select two of the recommendations and discuss how they can be applied to the workplace and employment genetic testing. Write one additional recommendation and explain why you think it should be included.


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